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KING Won the Title of Provincial Science and Technology Leading Enterprise (Batch No.1)
Author:Hao Jingyan, Gu Mengyu    From: 2020-12-22 16:32:53

In September 2020, the Provincial Department of Science and Technology released the first batch of public announcements of science and technology leading enterprises in Hebei Province, among which KING company was listed. The science and technology leading enterprises in Hebei province are the leading enterprises in the industry with strong innovation ability, great leading role, high level of research and development and big development potential. The selection conditions not only require the enterprise to meet the standards in main business, research investment, intellectual property creation and achievement transformation ability, but also require the enterprise to rank the top in the industry segment market share in China, have a significant radiation effect in the innovation of industrial chain, and has become the leading enterprise driving the development of regional characteristic industries. The enterprises which have been recognized to be leading enterprises in science and technology will receive the first support in the provincial major achievement transformation plan, key research and development plan and innovation platform construction, and also the support of science and technology of provincial finance for the major achievement transformation plan projects undertaken by the science and technology leading enterprises. KING company has been selected as one of the first batch of hi-tech enterprises to receive this great honor, and its innovation ability and scientific research level have been comprehensively affirmed.

In July 2020, the Provincial Hi-Tech Industry Association held the press conference of the top 100 leading enterprises of strategic emerging industries and the top 100 innovation enterprises (referred to as the Double Hundred enterprise) in Hebei Province in 2020, and KING company was selected as the Double Hundred enterprise of strategic emerging industries in Hebei Province in 2020. Under the guidance of Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, and Provincial Bureau of Market Supervision, the review of Double Hundred enterprises is undertaken by provincial Hi-Tech Industry Association, examining the main business, credit, operating income, patent and other aspects of the enterprises. The inclusion in the list of Double Hundred is a high recognition of business performance and technological innovation of KING.


Text: Hao Jingyan, Gu Mengyu