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KING Won the Bid of Ningju Intercity Project
Author:Chen Lan    From: 2020-4-15 16:26:59
In December 2019, the "Ningju Intercity" project was publicly tendered by NANJING PUZHEN CO., LTD. Our company successfully won the project after fierce bidding with several powerful companies .
The project includes 33 trains (each train is configured in 4-car), is the first frequency conversion project of our company in NANJING PUZHEN CO., LTD, and also the first frequency conversion project of Nanjing Metro.
Under the correct leadership, our company stood out from many competitors and won the bid successfully, which is undoubtedly the affirmation of the company's comprehensive strength and technical level, and also the recognition of the customer for the KING brand and for the products quality of KING. The winning of the project is of great significance to the business promotion and market expansion of our company, which demonstrates both strength and core competitiveness of our company.
Winning of this project not only defends our company's exclusive supply position in Nanjing Metro but also wins another city for our company in frequency conversion market.

Text: Chen Lan